2 Tips for Caring For Your Picket Fence in Baltimore County

Jul 2, 2015 | Fences

The white picket fence is the classic American fence. This quintessential fence style adds a pleasing visual aesthetic to your home without being overbearing. It demarcates the boundaries of your home but still allows you to have a chat with your neighbors on a long summer evening. Many homeowners decorate their picket fences with fun DIY crafts like planters. In many ways, it’s the ideal fence.

But of course, in order for your picket fence in Baltimore County to look its best, you’ll have to take care of it! The care requirements for picket fences are similar to most other kinds of fences, but there are a few care tips that are exclusive to picket fences that you should know. So in this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about how to keep your classic white fence looking just as beautiful as it was the day you installed it!


A beautiful white picket fence.

2 Tips for Caring For Your Picket Fence in Baltimore Count

Keep the grass cut.

What does the grass have to do with your fence? Well, what happens is the grass grows and starts to touch the bottom of the pickets, which should be at least 2 inches off the ground. Dew and rainwater collect on the grass, which is touching the fence. The water moves from the grass to the wood, where over time it can cause water marks, stains, and even rot, if the wood isn’t properly sealed.

So the point it, you need to keep the grass under your picket fence in Baltimore County cut in order to prevent water marks, stains, and damage from happening.

Replace pickets that are loose.

Over time, pickets might come loose from the rail. You might be tempted to try to nail them back into the rail with new holes, but a better solution is just to replace the picket entirely. New nails are usually only a temporary fix, but a new picket should last much longer.

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