Owning a Pergola

Sep 11, 2019 | Outdoor Living

The Perks of Owning a Pergola


Feeling bored by your backyard?  Instantly upgrade your outdoor entertaining space by installing a pergola!  This fun feature adds both form and function to any property. Its inviting archway brings movement and flow to your garden or deck while impressing neighbors and guests with its stunning visual impact. In case you’re not convinced, we’ll share four (more) perks that come with owning a pergola.

Outdoor Protection and Comfort

A pergola’s unique design allows for optimal outdoor comfort. Many feature open lattice roofs that are perfect for climbing plants and vines. As they grow, you get more shade from direct sunlight.  While the open sides still allow refreshing breezes to blow through. Pergolas also provide shelter from light rain and can be a decorative windbreaker for patios or pools.

Enjoy Your Backyard More

With a pergola, you’ll experience all the comfort of indoor/outdoor living. Why spend your morning at the kitchen table when you could enjoy your coffee outside on your favorite deck chair?  Temperatures will cool down as we move further into fall, but there’s plenty of time left to install—and enjoy—a pergola. If you already have a spot in mind for the installation, don’t forget to add a few homey touches to make it more comfortable.  A few chairs here, a few moisture-resistant throw pillows there and your freestanding pergola will instantly become a hangout spot for the whole family.  You can even place feeders and foliage throughout to attract butterflies or hummingbirds.

Custom Pergola Design

Few structures allow homeowners to explore their creative side as much as pergolas. They can be designed to suit any space and support any individual’s sense of style. Depending upon the amount of air flow and shade you desire, roofs could feature lattice work, slatted wood, open cross beams, drapes, and vines, among other designs. Pergolas can be paired with pools, gardens, fire pits, and open-air kitchens to create luxurious outdoor living spaces. From an intimate backyard nook to an expansive patio covering, styles are limited only by the imagination.

Pergolas have become so popular that they were named one 2019’s top landscaping trends by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. With so many options for customization from lighting to fans and sound systems, it’s not surprising. We can even work space heaters into your design for year-round use. Draw-down curtains and sunscreens can be installed later for added privacy and protection. Excel Fencing & Decking has a long history of building pergolas in Maryland, and we’d love to help with your next project. Let us design your ideal pergola or work off outlines you already have in mind!

Increase Home Value

With the way indoor/outdoor living is trending, prospective home buyers are increasingly looking for (and paying more for) features that expand this space. Pergolas open up a world of outdoor activities and do so with sophistication and style. Even simple pergolas become the envy of neighbors and passers-by. They add a striking visual element to a property and immediately become a favored setting for prom, wedding, and family photos.

At Excel Fencing & Decking, we are passionate about indoor/outdoor living, and we’d love to help you experience the fun and excitement it has to offer. We are confident you would be thrilled with a new custom-designed pergola on your property. Call us today to start working with our construction and design specialists to create the pergola of your dreams!