New Windows

Feb 5, 2020 | Home Improvement


When Do You Need New Windows?

Knowing when to install replacement windows is not always clear. Sometimes put off by the price or the scope of the project, homeowners often wrestle with the decision. But live in a home long enough and it’s something you will have to face eventually. When properly maintained, windows should last 15 to 20 years, but sometimes problems occur that force homeowners to consider window replacement sooner than they had hoped. Here are some common window worries to watch for.

Broken or Damaged Windows

When physical damage is present, having the window replaced may be necessary. If a wayward baseball or hockey puck has left you with a broken window, you might be able to get by with simply replacing the glass. But if the damage is to the frame or sash, or if your window won’t open or you can’t get it to close, it’s time for replacement windows.

Wet and Windy

Most homeowners have experienced drafty windows at some point, but the problem is more than just a question of comfort. Where drafts are present, moisture isn’t far behind, and that results in wet windows. This eventually leads to warping, which can cause gaps to form between the sash and frame, creating even more drafts, not to mention significant structural damage. The presence of moisture also sets the stage for mold and mildew growth. Over time, that leads to wood rot, as well as potential health risks for your family.

It’s a serious problem, but the remedy might not be so severe. We recommend first attempting to add new weatherstripping to see if that improves the situation. It often does the trick, and for nothing more than the price of a cup or two of coffee. If the wetness persists, or if your double-paned windows are filling with fog or moisture, you’ll need to call in professional help. For window repair in Maryland, look no further than Excel Fencing & Decking. Our window technicians have the experience and knowledge to quickly make any necessary repairs. And if replacement windows are required, we also carry almost any kind of window you might need.

A New “Do”

For homeowners looking to upgrade their living space, replacement windows are a wise investment. Whether you’re giving your home a total makeover or just improving upon windows that look a little too weathered and worn, new windows make a big statement. It’s a huge boost to curb appeal, and the return-on-investment is outstanding for those interested in increasing home value.

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacement windows are ideal for those looking to reduce energy costs or just live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. The insulating features of new double-paned and triple-paned windows will dramatically reduce a home’s heat loss in the winter while limiting heat gain in the summer. When making the switch from old single-pane windows, Maryland homeowners can expect an annual savings around $446.

You never know when you’ll need new windows, but we hope you know where to get them. Excel Fencing & Decking’s replacement windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, but every one of them will improve your energy efficiency and make a beautiful addition to your home. Our technicians are the best in Maryland and can quickly take care of all your needs, from installation to repair. We’ve got what you need, and you won’t believe how affordable the price is!