New & Different Deck Patterns

Aug 2, 2018 | Decks

Installing a new deck adds a lot of advantages to any property, but sometimes you want a little something different.  With any built-in entertaining space that maximizes on your views, you have a few decisions to make.  Apart from materials, height, and location, consider what pattern you want installed.  This can help your home stand out from all the others in your neighborhood!

Adding Transition Boards

These vertical planks help break up the traditional deck patterns to add a little variety to your new space.  By placing them at regular intervals, you can create interesting designs, block off different areas of your deck (like cooking versus dining), and save a little money!  Typically, using transition boards allows you to use shorter planks throughout your new deck.  These are a little less expensive, but when you’re creating a large outdoor space, every bit helps.

Ask our technicians about running some boards around the edges for a picture frame effect or creating a customizes pattern just for you!  We can even use a different finish or stain for the transition pieces to further emphasize your unique design.  Generally, these are one of the easier installations, so you can have your interest without a huge increase in cost.

Creating that Chevron Style

This pattern has been huge in interior design recently, so why not bring it outside?  Its quirky angles are a great use for shorter boards; plus, with different color combinations, you can really emphasize your layout.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to use the same pattern throughout.  Just as we mentioned using transition boards to break up traditional horizontal planks, you can also use them to separate the chevron.  This allows for a more custom look, while still getting the modern feel from this design.  You can also use this pattern in specific areas you want to draw attention too, like a separate wing or overlook—depending on your deck’s size. 

Having a Herringbone

While you see this design in tile a lot, there’s no reason we can’t recreate it using decking boards!  It’s actually a little easier to install than the chevon pattern, since the boards lay on top of one another at a 45-degree angle.  This means, there are fewer angled cuts to maneuver.  So, again, you’re maximizing your materials! 

Additionally, this creates a classic look to contrast chevron’s more modern style.  You’ll want to look at the overall style of your home and pick a deck pattern that complements it, rather than competes with the other features.  So, when you have an idea mind, make sure you talk with our experienced staff who can implement your vision and/or make positive suggestions for your next project.

Of course, there are many other options besides these three!  This just gives you a jumping-off point to start thinking about other possibilities for your deck.  If you have questions about what these designs might look like, be sure to check out our showcase and inspiration gallery.  Plus, our experienced staff is always available to discuss custom solutions for you home.  Call us today!