National Barbecue Month!

May 17, 2019 | Gatherings

Get Ready for National Barbecue Month!

If you haven’t had your first barbecue of the year, May’s the perfect time.  Not just because it’s National Barbecue Month, either.  It’s warming up, the days are lasting longer, and it’s been too long since you’ve hosted some outdoor entertainment at your place!  Fortunately, we can help you get ready for one of America’s favorite pastimes with only a few simple steps.


Step 1:  Inspect Everything

Before you start planning recipes or cleaning up, you first want to check the condition.  Not just of your grill, but also of your other outdoor elements.  From your patio and fencing to your deck, siding, and furniture—everything should be in good working order for your big barbecue.  You don’t want to risk something getting damaged during a thorough cleaning or being broken in front of your guests.  It’s better to inspect all the features you plan to use during your outdoor entertainment now.  Then, you can make a decision about whether to repair, replace, or simply set them aside for this particular gathering.


Step 2:  Clean Everything

If it’s been awhile since your last barbecue, then a thorough cleaning is in order.  Scrubbing your grill will many any food you prepare on it taste so much better!  Plus, it’ll be safer in the long run.  Don’t stop there, though!

Break out the hose or power washer to clear months of dirt and grime away in just a few days.  With the right pressure and combination of cleansers, you can refresh your deck, porch, fence, and siding.  Just don’t get too eager.  If you try to rush the process or blast away problem areas, you could find yourself doing more harm than good.  Check for professional solutions in the greater Baltimore area to help you prepare for your first barbecue of the season!


Step 3:  Stock Up on Everything

Of course, you can’t celebration National Barbecue Month without plenty of supplies.  Apart from the protein-packed main course, you’ll also need sides, snacks, drinks, desserts, and festive touches, too.  To lighten the load a little, why not add a potluck element to your gathering?  If you’ve got the grill and the perfect backyard, feel free to ask your guests for assistance.  Each person can bring his/her own specialty.  So, you’ll have a stocked barbecue without carrying the expense all on your own.

We’re also happy to help!  Although we’re not giving any grilling advice today, we do know a thing or two about creating the ideal outdoor space.  If your deck, fence, patio, etc. needs sprucing up, contact us as soon as possible.  We always go above and beyond to offer great service and we’re not finished until you’re 100% satisfied!  Be ready for National Barbecue Month with these tips and an extra hand from Excel Fencing & Decking