Most Popular Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Aug 2, 2023 | Home Improvement

Most Popular Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Does your bedroom need refreshing? Tired of the same furniture, accessories, and colors?  If so, here are some top-notch remodeling ideas to put pizzazz and pop back into your sleeping quarters. Read on for the most popular bedroom remodel ideas.


Popular Design Trends

Nostalgic designs, big furniture; bold, colorful patterns, and florals are popular trends right now.

Let’s take a look at the latest bedroom designs currently on the market. 


Colors. Warm, earthy tones are popular.  These colors promote harmony, comfort, and relaxation.  Green brings the revitalizing qualities of nature into a bedroom.  Gray is often paired with whites and creams for a cozy feel.  Blues of all shades create mood and sophistication.  Shades of pink, from chalky to mauve to deep berry tones make walls pop. Orange is also making a comeback.


Lighting.  The right type of lighting emphasizes warmth and can give a bedroom a warm glow.  You can add a variety of lights, from overhead lights to pendant to serve different needs.  Fun lampshades and light coverings in glossy, saturated colors add a special touch.


Furniture.  Large, oversized furniture and open floor plans are in.  King-sized beds and bedroom chaises are among the popular pieces.  Comfort is featured.


Mix and Match.  Artful, meaningful objects like fixtures, furniture pieces, or actual artwork are replacing matched bedroom sets.  Custom furniture that meets individual needs is also trending.  Unique decor can make a room look fresh and fun. 


Walls. Accent walls and bold wallpaper patterns that create visual interest are popping up.  Wall designs and colors are becoming a unique expression of art and personality.  Create your own wallpaper featuring a beautiful mural or favorite photo. 


Luxury.  Many bedroom remodel projects involve small upgrades that create a more luxurious space.  A bigger closet, new bedding, smart technology, and relaxation features are among them.  The trend is to focus on what you need.


Materials.  Modern floral prints are in. They are being used throughout the bedroom to cover upholstery and walls.  Rich colors against a white backdrop and larger flowers are popular. 


Patterns and Textures. Prints are popular on headboards, wall coverings, and bedding. Texture can add personality to a bedroom. Try scalloped edges on trims, furnishings, or accessories like pillows.  Bold and colorful chunky checks and wide stripes are prominent as well.


Popular Bedroom Features

Of course, there are some features no bedroom should really go without. Here are some to try.


A sitting area.  It can include a cozy window seat or chair for reading, studying, and phone calls. A bed should be used only to sleep in. 


Bedroom Flooring.  Hardwood flooring is a top choice, due to its natural beauty, durability and versatility. It’s also easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colors and styles to go with any decor.  Area rugs on top can add softness.   Luxury vinyl planks and carpeting are other common flooring choices.


Extra storage space.  If you don’t have a big bedroom closet, built-in storage space can save the day.  Use up the vertical wall space with drawers and shelves.  A window seat and bookcase can also come in handy. 


Window treatments.  Embellished window treatments that feature fun finishings and edges are on the rise. Their details add personality to a bedroom.


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