Make the Most of Your Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dec 18, 2018 | Decks

Did you know that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products that we install?  Whether it’s pressure-treated wood decking, composite vinyl materials, or metal fencing, we want you to be 100% satisfied!  For us, that means making sure you’re take care of, long after the installation is complete.  To understand exactly what this warranty covers and how to utilize it, we thought we’d address some frequently-asked questions.

What does a limited lifetime warranty do?

Essentially, it provides for the replacement or repair of certain issues.  Hence the term “limited.”  Usually, they’re there to ensure that you don’t have to pay to fix problems that are caused by product defects or other issues beyond your control.  For example, if there’s a common problem with your decking boards that causes them to warp or discolor well before you’d expect, then you could receive brand-new ones thanks to your warranty.  Anything specifically mentioned by the warranty should have coverage. 

This is different from full warranties that can include any and all damages—even those caused by you.  So, if you failed to properly seal your deck or used a stain that inadvertently damaged your new wood, that wouldn’t be part of your limited lifetime warranty.  At least not from us.  It does have the benefit of lasting longer, though!  Most full warranties only work for the first year or two—and you may even have to pay an additional fee for them.

How long does a “lifetime” really last?

Well, that’s a little harder to determine.  It’s generally thought to be the “lifetime” of the product, which will vary based on the material.  For example, a high-end composite decking board may have a lifespan of 25-30 years.  Whereas low-grade pressure-treated wood will last only half that amount of time—if that.  However, it’s not the lifetime of the person who buys it, contrary to popular belief.  Some of these warranties are transferrable, but they’ll lose that “lifetime” status.  Basically, if you move shortly after building a new deck or fence, the next owner may get another 10-15 years out of the warranty still.  If the property is transferred yet again, though, that’s where the line ends.

Who’s offering the warranty?

Apart from the established vendors that we source our building materials from, we do offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products.  As a company that’s been handling these projects for many years now, we know how to coordinate these options to get you the best possible deal.  Depending on what happens, we may get the replacement parts directly through the people who produced them originally, or we might just cover the cost on our own.  If those materials have proved too unreliable or that warranty has lapsed.  Just having multiple warranties—even if they’re limited—gives you more options for coverage down the road!

If you needed one more reason to go with our experienced team of installers and design experts, let this be it!  We’re so committed to the overall satisfaction of our customers that we go out of our way to offer additional limited warranties.  Hopefully, we’ve given you a better understanding of what this truly means and inspired your loyalty in our work.