Kitchen Update Style Trends

Jan 5, 2022 | Home Improvement

4 Kitchen Update Style Trends

Kitchen designs have been evolving nonstop. If you want some ideas for a kitchen update, check out these 4 stylish trends.


  1. Kitchen Update with an Open Floor Plan

For a long time, kitchens were smaller areas where people would only prepare meals and cook. However, kitchens have evolved more into social areas and hangout places in addition. Most kitchens now feature either a dining table, or a bar with multiple stools. A kitchen now may take up three time as much room as they used to.


  1. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are an increasingly popular and versatile feature in kitchens. Islands offer additional space to prepare food, a centerpiece to the kitchen, and can even have stools placed at them for another space to eat. However you may use an island, they have been becoming more popular over the years in a variety of forms and uses.


  1. Kitchen Update by Increasing Storage

Nowadays, modern homes feature clean styling with minimal lines and color. When keeping your kitchen up to date, a cluttered kitchen is something to avoid. While in the past chine hutches, separate freezers and ice boxes, and standalone kitchen devices. Now most devices are stored in additional cabinets, and most devices are integrated into the kitchen countertop. This allows for more openness and air space in your kitchen. And more storage space can allow for you to have more space in the places for cooking, display, etc.


  1. Aesthetic Designs

This may not seem like a big need for some people, but as many people see house displays or renovations on TV or in magazines, the look of their kitchen may become more important. Kitchens with calming colors, subtle decorations and stainless-steel appliances especially have begun to make their mark on homeowners. Everyone may have a different style when it comes to designing a kitchen but no matter what, every homeowner wants it to be pleasant on the eyes. 


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