Kitchen Trends 2021

May 5, 2021 | Home Improvement

Kitchen Trends 2021

Interior Renovation Trends 2021: Kitchens

Believe it or not, the year is almost halfway over! At this point, we have a pretty clear idea of the interior remodeling and kitchen trends expected to remain popular throughout the rest of 2021. In this first blog of our remodeling trend series, we will look at a few of the kitchen upgrades that homeowners across the country have made this year!


Hand Painted

For those looking to upgrade their kitchen on a budget this year, hand painting certain elements is always a worthwhile option. The best part of painting is that it doesn’t really matter whether your kitchen’s aesthetic is traditional or modern. With careful color selection, you’re sure to instantly love repainted kitchen cabinets or furniture. Once the paint comes too distressed for your liking, you’ll easily be able to touch it up down the road!


Timeless All-White Kitchens

Primarily white kitchens will remain popular throughout the rest of 2021, just as they have for the past several years. A warm, cozy all-white kitchen is bright and reassuring, so don’t be surprised if you enjoy spending more time in your kitchen after brightening it up. For splashes of color, many homeowners are stocking their primarily white kitchens with a variety of houseplants. You could also consider adding charming little touches like a stack of books and floating shelves for functional beauty. As an added bonus, these additions will make your whole home feel a little more cohesive.


Black Kitchen Trends

White kitchens have been a trend for several years, and now darker kitchens are starting to pop up more frequently too. While white kitchens generally give a homey, farmhouse-like aesthetic, primarily black kitchens feel glamorous, modern and refined. Accenting your kitchen with black-finished cabinets or countertops and contrasting them with brass and gold hardware will be a sure way to redefine your kitchen experience this year.


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