Why Installing a Fence in Winter is a Good Idea

Dec 23, 2014 | Fences

When cold weather sets in, it’s not unusual for Maryland homeowners to shift their concentration away from the outside to focus on keeping cozy indoors. While it’s difficult to keep up with many outdoor projects in winter, installing your fence doesn’t have to be one of them. Excel Fencing and Decking is here with a few reasons why winter is an ideal time to consider having a new fence installed.

Greater Work Crew Availability

Because the majority of Maryland homeowners try to have fence installation done during the spring or summer, winter tends to be a much slower time or fencing contractors. While the summertime may see fence contractors hurriedly rushing back and forth across the state, trying to keep up with many ongoing projects, the winter will give them more time to dedicate to your project. The job will get done quicker and your fence installer will be more focused.

More Affordable Installation

Since most fence contracting is done during the spring, the demand for many construction materials falls greatly during the wintertime which can allow your Maryland fence contractor to offer you lower fence installation prices.

Less Disruption

If you’re living in the Maryland area, it’s likely that you see a lot more use of your front yard during the summer months. If you start your fence installation during the spring it could interrupt the enjoyment of your yard during the summer months. Installing your fence over the winter allows you to savor the warmth of your Maryland home, and be greeted with a freshly installed fence by the time warm weather arrives.

Need Winter Fence Repair or Installation in Maryland?

Call Excel Fencing & Decking. We’ve been proud to service Maryland since 1998, giving you the very best in custom built decks, fences, and home remodeling. If you’re interested in having fence installation done during the winter, give us a call. Our dedicated teams of deck professionals have the know-how and expertise to repair or install any kind of fence. Call us at 410-803-9499 or fill out a contact form and one of Excel’s representatives will contact you promptly.

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