5 Unique Ideas for Your Baltimore County Deck

Oct 29, 2015 | Decks

Investing in a Baltimore County deck just makes sense. It adds extra useable space to your yard, makes your backyard more inviting and useful, and adds value to your home. But you don’t want just any old deck; you want one that stands out from the crowd and makes your neighbors jealous! In this week’s blog, we offer some creative ideas make yours the best deck in Baltimore County.


Make your Baltimore County deck stand out from the crowd with these unique ideas.

5 Unique Ideas for Your Baltimore County Deck

Build it into a slope

If you have a Baltimore County property that is built on a slope, a unique deck built by Excel Fencing and Decking may be just the solution. It is often difficult to landscape on slopes and many homeowners consider it lost space. But a well designed deck can be built into your slope, offering beautiful views and maximizing your outdoor space so you get more use out of your yard. Plus they just look really cool.

Expand your space

Building your deck off of a bedroom creates a feeling of expanded space and leaves your bedroom seeming much larger. It’s like having your own personal outdoor living room! The extra square footage can go an especially long way in small homes by maximizing your use of space.

Choose a tiered deck instead of stairs

Installing a deck outside of your front door will make a huge visual impact and transform the look of your home. A tiered deck can be used instead of stairs, making your home stand out from the crowd in Baltimore County.

Screen it in

If you want a backyard that feels like a luxurious resort, screening your deck using bamboo or other natural materials will give you a feeling of seclusion that you didn’t think was possible in Baltimore County. A natural screen will make your deck feel more like an extra room than a traditional deck.

Install a hot tub

For the ultimate luxurious deck experience, installing a hot tub will make your yard the envy of your Baltimore County neighbors. But be warned: you may find that you have to throw a lot of parties because your friends are going to want to take advantage of your gorgeous new Baltimore County deck!

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