4 Ideas for a Backyard Fence in Harford County

Aug 28, 2015 | Fences

Are you thinking about putting in a new backyard fence in Harford County? The backyard fence is a classic addition that can be used for everything from adding more privacy to adding a new aesthetic to the landscape. There’s no doubt that the backyard offers lots of functionality for a new fence. Not to mention that a new fence makes it easy to delineate your property boundary. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about a few ideas for your new backyard fence!


Check out these ideas for a backyard fence, below!

4 Ideas for a Backyard Fence in Harford County

Privacy Fence

Privacy fencing is a great way to make your backyard truly your own private space. You have privacy inside your home, but now you can enjoy the same privacy outside your home too. And the backyard is the perfect place to create your own space.

Privacy fences are usually 6 feet tall and made of wood or vinyl.

Pool Fencing

If you have a pool in your backyard, you’re going to need a pool fence in Harford County. Pool fences help keep young kids safe in yards with pools. The fence needs to be tall enough to prevent climbing, which usually means 4 feet. The style of the fence also needs to help deter climbing, which makes aluminum a popular choice. Pool fences also need a self-closing gate.

Pet Fence

If you have a dog, you’re going to want to let him have space to run around outside. At the same time, you want to be able to keep him in that space. A pet fence is a great way to do this. Pet fences can be made out of any number of materials, but chain link and wood are both popular choices. Pet fences also need to be tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over, which will depend on what kind of dog you have.

Classic Picket Fence

Lots of people think of the picket fence as a front yard fence, but it’s well-suited to the backyard too. Picket fences are a great way to add a decorate aesthetic to your backyard, and go great with gardens and creative landscaping.

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