How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Oct 26, 2022 | Home Improvement

How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Fall is a beautiful time of year to entertain and the temperatures are often comfortable enough to eat outside on the deck or patio.  If you are hosting guests, it will be much easier to put together snacks and a meal if you have an organized kitchen pantry. Keep reading to learn our How to Organize your Kitchen Pantry tips and tricks…


How to Prepare to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Before you tackle the job of how to organize your kitchen pantry, stock up on clear bins, so you can see what’s inside. While you are shopping for food containers, make sure you buy ones that stack together well.  This will save you space. Also, think about how functional the containers are. For younger kids, large open bins work well. For the older young folks, opt for containers that have an airtight seal.


Getting Started How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Completely empty out the pantry and give it a thorough cleaning.  Be sure to toss any items that are old or have expired to free up space. Take inventory of what’s left behind.


Organizing Kitchen Pantry Space

Start assigning storage containers to organize the items you are keeping.  Place similar things together, such as baking goods and condiments.  A Lazy Susan is a handy storage tool to have.

Use clear containers to store dry ingredients. Get rid of plastic bags and cardboard boxes that can make your pantry look cluttered.  Label bins, containers and shelves so everyone in your family can easily find items.  Securing your dry goods will also keep bugs away, which can easily get into original cardboard or paper containers.

Hang organizers over doors to free up pantry space.  You can store canned goods, spices, oils and jars on them. 

If you have kids, set aside space to keep water bottles, snacks and cereal dispensers together. Bins with built-in dividers are useful.

Use extra wall space. Hooks can be used to hang reusable grocery bags and aprons on. Put up a mounted wall dispenser to hold trash bags you can easily access. 


More Storage Tricks

Items you have multiples of, such as produce or cereal, can be organized by putting the newer ones in the back so the older items get used up first. Yes, this is the same trick used in grocery stores!

Keep things that don’t go together, apart.  For example, you don’t want to store onions and garlic next to your potatoes, which can make them spoil faster.  Keep strong-smelling spices away from flour as it may absorb the flavor. It is also best to keep bread alone in a bread box.

Use large jars or containers with wide openings to store dry goods.  This will let you scoop out rice, for example, with a measuring cup instead of a spoon.  Think about what type of opening is most convenient for you.

Come up with a plan to store larger food items, like pet food in your pantry.  Set aside space to fit other oversized items as well, including frequently used appliances such as coffee makers and blenders.


Organizing Never Ends

Keep in mind that an organized pantry won’t stay that way forever. To keep it neat and tidy, do a quick ‘clean up’ a few times a year. Throw out old items and take care of dust and little spills. Taking these steps will ensure your pantry never becomes a cluttered mess again.


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