How to Organize a Backyard Shed

Oct 4, 2023 | Outdoor Living

How to Organize a Backyard Shed

Is your shed crammed full of, well, everything?  It doesn’t take long for garden tools, furniture, toys, and more to take up all the real estate.  If you can’t even walk in the shed, it’s time for a major overhaul. Here’s how to clean out the junk and keep your shed organized. 

Take Inventory

Take everything out of your shed and lay it out in your yard or driveway. This is the best way to get a full picture of what you have.  Start sorting through it.

Clean Out the Clutter

The next step is to tackle the clutter.  Toss out leftover paint cans and other trash.  Set aside duplicate tools and other items you’ve collected. Keep only what you need and use.  Put stuff that doesn’t belong in a shed, like bedding, someplace else.  Relocate items that may be sensitive to temperature, pests, and moisture.

Group Similar Items

Group your belongings into categories. These can include sports equipment, gardening tools, and seasonal decor.  An organized shed storage system will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Use Proper Storage

Remove any cardboard boxes you’ve been using and replace them with storage containers.  Make sure the bins, shelves, or storage spaces you currently have are in good shape. Toss away items that are cracked or no longer functional.  Be sure to label all of your bins so you know what’s inside.

Shed Organization Tips

Once you’ve organized the containers and shelving, it’s time to get stuff off of the floor. Put up a magnetic strip for items like wrenches and hammers.  Hang garden tools on the wall to free up space.  A peg board is very useful to hang stuff on. When you want to add a new item to the shed, make sure you put it in a place where it can be easily found.


Other Unique Shed Storage Solutions

Adjustable Shelves

These shelves are perfect for storing items of various sizes.  You can move them up or down to store cushions, paint cans, or planting supplies, for instance.  Free-standing metal shelves are great for housing plastic tubs and bins.  These shelves are very durable and their grated bottom prevents dirt from collecting.

Save Your Jars

Clear jars are the perfect place to put nails and screws.  You can see what’s inside and small items won’t get lost. The lid of the jar can also be secured to the underside of a wooden shelf.  Just twist the jar off to get to what’s in it.

Use Drawer Organizers

A storage rack is a handy place to store screwdrivers. The best part is you can make it yourself and hang it on the wall.

Drawer organizers can also keep tools together.  Use drawer inserts to separate paint brushes, tape measures, zip ties, and other items. Stick with clear organizers and inserts so you can see what’s in them.

Put Up Hooks

Hooks can be used to hang shovels, rakes, and other tools. Put up a hook rack on a wall or the side of a shelving unit.   You can also hang items on the back of the shed door.

Final Thoughts

Remember to stick to your organization system. Take time to keep your shed neat and tidy. You’ll be glad you did.


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