National Home Improvement Month Inspiration

May 15, 2019 | Home Improvement

Since May is officially National Home Improvement Month, we’re kicking it off with some serious inspiration!  There’s no time like to present to start (and finish) this renovation or that remodeling project.  With professional help from the team at Excel Fencing & Decking, you can have the space you’ve always dreamt of!  Whether that’s an upgraded bathroom, a French country kitchen, or a fully-furnished basement.  We may just need to focus on one first…

Like Your Bathroom

It’s a space you see and use every day.  Why not give it some attention during National Home Improvement Month?  Even on a budget, you can transform this room with little touches that make a big impact.  By redoing your flooring, your fixtures, and your overall color palette, you can have an updated area in no time.  If you plan on drawing inspiration from the latest home improvement posts, don’t forget to create a balance between trendy and classic design pieces.  We love bold statement features—like a graphic patterned tile—but we also don’t want to overwhelm a small space with eye-catching elements.  Check out our gallery and ask our design experts for their advice on your next project!

Or Your Kitchen

There’s a reason they call kitchens the “heart of the home.”  Not only are they the central gathering place for the whole family, but they’re also one of the most important rooms for resale.  Many buyers (millennials included) are looking for options that offer a large, updated kitchen these days.  Whether you’re looking to list or simply renovate this space to better suit your own tastes, it’s definitely a worthwhile home improvement. 

Depending on your current configuration, you could get away with minimal structural changes.  Or just go for it!  Expand your workable area, give yourself that island you’ve always wanted, and add a design style that works with the rest of your home.  Make sure you start this process with the help of experienced professionals, though, to save time and money in the long run.

Don’t Forget about Your Basement

An unfinished basement offers so many possibilities!  You can create usable square footage that your family actually needs.  Whether that’s an extra bedroom/bathroom or a home gym.  Many homeowners even take this opportunity to build a multipurpose entertainment room, complete with features everyone can enjoy! Have you thought about extending this to your backyard with a walkout basement, French doors, connecting decking, etc.? 

Although a finished basement is incredibly valuable by itself (when done right), you can easily take it to the next level with an indoor/outdoor living concept.  See what our professional team can do for you during National Home Improvement Month!  We’ve got all sorts of inspiration to share with you.  Then we’re ready to get to work!