Great Grilling Guide

Jul 15, 2020 | Gatherings

Your Guide to Great Grilling

July is National Grilling Month, which marks maybe the most festive time of year for foodies. Sure, there are holidays that are famous for magnificent meals, but in July we get a month’s worth of savory ribs, juicy burgers, and sizzling steaks. Now that we have got your tummy’s attention, here is some grilling guidance to whet your appetite.

Grilling and Your Health

It is hard to believe something so delicious can be good for you, but that is the case with grilling, at least when compared with alternative cooking methods like baking and frying. Grilling allows fat to drip off meat, making for a leaner meal, while also eliminating the need for fatty oils and breading. Just be careful not to overcook meat, because that leads to charring, which some studies have indicated is linked to cancer. It is also important to line the grill with foil or use a drip pan to catch fat before it burns in the basin, resulting in a potentially cancer-causing smoke. Slow and low is the best way to grill. It produces the juiciest meats and it is also the safest way to cook.

Grilling Gear

We just mentioned the importance of a drip pan, but it is not the only gear your grill needs. Start with a grill pad. Placed under the grill, it protects your patio or deck boards from grease splatters that could stain the surface. If you are a champion of charcoal, a clip-on grill fan offers a big assist with lighting briquettes evenly. For the steak master who is sure of his or her skills, a miniature personalized branding iron lets you put your signature stamp on those gourmet goods. If your grilling extends beyond burgers and steaks, a grill basket makes a helpful addition for preparing smaller foods like shrimp, fries, and vegetables.

Master the Menu

Steak, hamburgers, and ribs are staples of summer grilling, but there is so much more to tempt taste buds. July also happens to be National Hot Dog Month, so fire up some dogs, brats, or sausage and peppers. No Baltimore cookout would be complete without crabs or oysters, or try your hand at salmon, shrimp, and other seafood specialties. If you have had your fill of baked potatoes, switch to a grilled cauliflower loaded with cheese and bacon. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than fruit, and you will love how oranges, pineapple, and watermelon tastes on the grill. Do not forget to add some peaches, because it is also National Peach Month.

Take Grilling to the Next Level

There will be nothing you cannot do at your next cookout when you upgrade to an outdoor kitchen. If you love outdoor living, take a bite out of al fresco food preparation. Today’s designs go beyond the barbecue to offer all the convenience and functionality of an indoor kitchen, boasting features like refrigerators, side burners, cabinets, ice makers, smokers, pizza ovens, and even dishwashers.

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