Graduation Party Guide

Jun 3, 2020 | Outdoor Living

Our Guide to Hosting a Great Graduation Party

A graduation is a major milestone in an individual’s life, and a significant occasion like that requires an equally impressive graduation party. But in a month seemingly full of these signature send-offs, how do you make your soiree stand out? Below are our tips to help make your grad’s graduation party perfect.

Plan Lots of Graduation Party Activities

We understand you want to show off the new patio or deck you had Excel Fencing & Decking install, but your guests will need something to do other than just sit around and eat. One way to celebrate your grad and his or her classmates is with a special slideshow featuring snapshots from their experiences in athletics, drama club, band, school trips, and other events. A graduation party is a great time to open the swimming pool, or try staging a karaoke station and dance competition to generate lots of laughs. Cornhole and sack races are traditional cookout games that are not only extremely affordable, but also fun for all ages. Playing life-size games will take the party to a new level, and all you need to do is spray paint a checker board, Twister board, or other game setting onto the lawn and cast guests as game pieces. Finally, heat things up as the party winds down with marshmallows and s’mores served around the fire pit.

Set Up a Graduation Party Selfie Station

Pictures are an important part of any shindig, but they take on added significance at a graduation party where groups of friends may be together for the last time. Having a picturesque background is key, so set it in a well-lit area in front of gardens, an arbor, pergola, or another attractive feature. Have a table set to the side to place drinks and belongings, and provide a selfie stick for any large group photos.

Focus on the Food

Any good graduation party is going to have a lot of grub, but to really make your event shine, you’ve got to offer guests something other than standard fare like hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and dip. Grilled chicken skewers and smoked sausage sandwiches are a nice change of pace, but take the party up a notch with a burrito bar or mac-and-cheese station.

Gourmet cooking is made easier if you’ve got an outdoor kitchen, one of our favorite backyard additions. Among the most popular trends in outdoor living, these kitchens make barbecuing a breeze, but there’s more to offer than just great grilling. Many homeowners incorporate built-in beverage coolers or refrigerators, side burners, and even pizza ovens. If the thought of al fresco dining sounds delicious to you, give us a call to discuss how we can set you up with the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Be a Good Neighbor

Telling your neighbors of a pending graduation party will reduce the chance of noise complaints being filed, and inviting them may even open up additional parking spots in front of their homes or in their driveways. The gesture should also improve relations and ease tensions that sometimes brew over property disputes or that result from making major changes such as cutting down trees or installing fences.

At Excel Fencing & Decking, we’re all about outdoor living, so let us know what you need to perfect your next party. Whether it’s a patio or deck installation to host the event, or an exciting feature like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, we’ve got just what you need and exactly what you want!