Is Winter Really a Good Time to Install Pool Fencing?

Dec 8, 2015 | Fences

Of course it is! In fact, it’s arguably the best time to install pool fencing, allowing you to beat the springtime rush and ensure the fencing is completed well in advance of opening your pool. While others are just now getting around to finishing up on winterizing their homes and yards, you can be a step ahead and prepare now for better weather.001PoolFence

What are the Advantages to Starting – And Finishing! – A Pool Fencing Project in the Winter?

Professional fence installers tend to be incredibly busy in the spring and summer months and, conversely, have generally more time on their hands in Winter. You can see how this works to your advantage.  If you wait until the spring or summer to install your pool fencing, there’s a far greater risk of dealing with:

  • Considerably longer turnaround times. Beginning your project now could shave weeks off your project’s completion.
  • Higher pricing. if you want to save significantly on your pool fence, you are likely to pay less for installation now, rather than waiting for the peak Spring and Summer months. Most people don’t think much about their outdoor projects until well into the new year. Don’t be like most people!
  • Less personal attention. If you wait until the peak months to begin your pool fencing project, chances are very high that your contractor will have his hands full with lots of other projects and won’t be able to concentrate on your project and give you as much attention as you’d like. Make yourself a priority by acting now!

There is No Benefit to Waiting

The contrast could hardly be any more stark. If you begin your pool fencing project now, you give yourself a substantial head start and there is every reason to think that your project will be completed at the same time your neighbors’ projects are just getting underway. Wouldn’t you love to have the extra time that being the early bird will provide? Isn’t it best to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather poolside rather than wait until the season is half over to be able to enjoy?

The questions answer themselves. The quicker you start, the quicker we finish.

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