Holiday Happy: Three Fun Labor Day Activities

Sep 1, 2017 | Backyard Fun

All year long, we work hard to provide for our families, move forward in our careers, and achieve our dreams. We put in extra hours and bring work home, striving to arrive at the highest level of productivity. But in addition to the personal gain from our efforts, we’re never really working solely for ourselves.


 In the late 1800s, the Labor Movement dubbed the first Monday in September as “Labor Day,” in recognition of the dedicated contribution made by workers of every age, race, and creed to the American economy. In 1894, the day was officially recognized as a federal holiday to commemorate the social and economic achievement of workers throughout the US.


So in the modern age, we laud our achievements with a long weekend – a much-needed reprieve from the daily routine – and celebrate with backyard barbecues and social gatherings. And so the question becomes, how do we entertain ourselves? In today’s blog, we dive into a few ways that you and yours can observe the holiday in the comfort of your own home – or in this case, your yard.

Fun & Games

Ready to relax and have a little fun? Lawn games like darts and croquet are traditional outdoor activities – and even throwing a ball or Frisbee around can be a great way to unwind. But if you’re looking for something a little more creative, why not buy (or build) some enjoyable activities that might not be so common?

Homemade tumbling towers (think Jenga on steroids) and bowling sets are easy to find online or in stores, but they’re also easy to make if you have a little time, creativity, and know how. Recycled soda bottles – filled with liquid to avoid blowing over – can easily be repurpose as bowling pins, and any spherical recreational ball (soccer, volleyball, etc.) can be used in place of a bowling ball.

A Night At The Movies


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Having a later gathering? If you have (or can borrow/buy) a home projector it’s easy to throw an outdoor movie night, right on your own lawn. Inflatable projector screens are easy enough to come by and can be rented from most event supply companies – but better yet, just hang a sheet from a clothesline between two fence posts, trees, or other vertical objects. Voila – you just brought the big screen to your backyard!


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Maybe you feel like giving back to your community or just sharing some bonding time with your neighbors. If that’s the case, you can tackle some broader activities like a community service project or art installation. Yarn bombing can add fun, vibrant colors to your neighborhood – just be sure to make sure it’s not against the HOA’s rules, and ask before putting anything up on private property. Get the neighborhood kids together and build a free library or book exchange in a central area, where people in the area can leave books for anyone to read.