Fourth of July

Jul 1, 2020 | Gatherings

Fourth of July: 4 Ways to Celebrate

For many Americans, Independence Day or the Fourth of July is the centerpiece of summer. There is no better time to gather with family and friends than during the wonderfully warm month of July, and no better reason than to celebrate our nation and freedom. An occasion of that importance requires an equally epic event, so here are four of our favorite ways to celebrate the Fourth.

Dress Up the Yard

Exhibit your patriotic pride so all can see. The holiday lends itself well to decorating, so do not be afraid of overdoing it. The front porch is often the first part of the home people see, so make it the focal point of your festive flare. Fresh flowers make a visual impact, and you can capture the colors of the flag with red geraniums and zinnias, white impatiens and petunias, and blue lobelias and bluebells. Decorate the flowerpots with the stars and stripes and consider using more flowers in a wreath for the front door or change things up by making it from bandannas or ribbons. Finish dressing the front facade by hanging red, white, and blue twinkle lights along awnings, eaves, windows, and the roof line.

In the back yard, break out the bunting, patriotic streamers, and firework-themed garland to dress up deck railings and fences. If you want to make your display more permanent, consider painting fence rails red and white and fence posts blue, but do not forget to add a few stars. A barn or shed is also a great place to paint a flag.

Put Up a Flag for the Fourth of July

The only thing better than a painted rendition of Old Glory is the real thing. You can mount a flagpole bracket to a windowsill or porch or opt for a more majestic display by installing a flagpole in your yard. Be sure to follow instructions carefully to dig a deep enough hole that it will not fall over. Do not forget that the flag can only be displayed from sunrise to sunset unless it is lit, so install lighting if you do not want to raise and lower it every day.

Make a Memorial

Honor family members who served in the armed forces and kept our country free by establishing a memorial. This might be in a public space or even your own back yard, but plant a tree, create a garden, or dedicate a special structure like a gazebo. This will keep the spirit and sacrifice of these brave individuals in your mind not just for future Fourth of July celebrations, but all throughout the year.

Throw a Fourth of July Party

No Independence Day would be complete without a great party. Invite over some friends, turn up the music, and spend a sunny afternoon on your deck or patio. Fire up the grill for some all-American cuisine and enjoy classic American games like cornhole, lawn darts, and bean bag tosses. End the event with a bang if your yard offers a good vantage point to watch your municipality’s annual fireworks display.

We hope everyone enjoys a fun and safe Fourth of July. If you need any help repairing or installing decks, fences, patios, or other outdoor structures, give us a call at (410) 803-9499. We will have you all set up before you can say “U.S.A.!”