Finished Basement

Sep 1, 2021 | Home Improvement

Finished Basement

More and more new construction homes come with a finished basement, but not all. Many older homes, if they haven’t already been updated, may still have old storage basements. If your basement has the right specifications, and you want to invest, finishing your basement could be revolutionary for you. A finished basement could provide additional living space, a craft room, playroom, home theater, or recreation room. Another factor to consider is the impact a finished basement will have on your property’s value.

A Great Do-It-Yourself Project

You will need a licensed professional to help you with your electrical and plumbing needs, but framing, insulation, drywall, painting, and flooring are all within the spectrum of DIY. Another often forgotten point, is to get your permits! We recommend bringing chocolates to your local permitting office, they love that.

Build Equity In Your Home

According to remodeling magazine, you can expect a return of $700 for every $1000 you spend on a basement remodel. So, while you get to enjoy all of the added benefits of living in your new space, you can also rest easy knowing that it will come back to you in return on sale when you move. If you plan on being in your house for a long time, the value of that remodel will increase with your home while your one-time out of pocket improvement costs stay what they were.

Think About The Lighting

Natural light is a boon for any living space. Basements tend to have very little natural light opportunities, so be sure to take advantage of what you have and maximize that light exposure. Think about door and window opportunities to bring more light into the space. Make sure everything is cut an ready before you begin a remodel.

Drop That Ceiling

Drop ceilings are a great solution for finished basements because they allow easy access to the underside of your home. That access is especially important for plumbers and electricians. Just remember that the highest level of your basement ceiling is the height of your lowest hanging pipe or duct. Sometimes those pipes and ducts have a greater impact on your overall layout that you may have intended.

Think About Safety First

Two major considerations you want to keep forefront on a basement remodel is safety and radon. Radon is odorless and heavy, and is can seep into basements. Use a licensed radon mitigation contractor to test your home and potentially install radon ventilators. The other major consideration is getting out in an emergency. You do not want your basement to become a literal dead-end in an emergency like a fire. Think about your windows as potential escape routes, as well as access to the upstairs and even additional access to the outside.

Take all of these factors into consideration when thinking about porch styles for your home. And remember, for all your home improvement projects, including bathroom renovation, call Excel Fencing & Decking at 410-803-9949.