Fencing Tips for Dog Owners

Jun 7, 2023 | Fences

How to Pick the Right Outdoor Fence for Your Canine

If you have a dog and a busy household, your canine may appreciate some outdoor rest and relaxation.  However, it can be challenging to keep Fido in the yard or stop him from barking at passersby. You can prevent your dog from becoming a neighborhood nuisance.  Here are some tips on choosing the best fence that fits your four-legged family member.


Traditional Dog Fence Choices

Fences made of wood, vinyl, or chain links are most common but may not solve your particular doggie problem.  It all depends on the demeanor of your canine. 

A solid wood fence is ideal for excitable puppies.  It will block their view of people walking by.  Most wood fences are 5-6 feet tall and high enough to stop a puppy from jumping over them.

Chain-link fences are low-maintenance, but dogs can see right through them, which may cause excessive barking.  You can obscure their view by training vines to grow along the fence.  Plants can also do the trick.  Weaving fabric strips through the fence gaps can also help.  

Vinyl fences are extremely durable, offer privacy, and last much longer than wooden fences do.  Vinyl is also flexible and can take more weight and force from a larger dog.  The fence can be cleaned with just soap and water.


Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are a good choice if your dog loves to bark.  They offer complete privacy and come in a variety of options.  They can mimic stone, brick, and other building materials. Concrete walls are more expensive but can pay off in the long run. 


The Scoop on Invisible Fences

Invisible electric fences cover a lot of ground so your dog can exercise in a large space.  Temporary flags mark the boundaries of the electric fence until your dog learns to stay away.  Invisible fences can also be installed more quickly than conventional fences. 

There are a few cons to having an invisible fence.  Although they prevent your dog from leaving the yard, other animals can still get in and harass your pet.  Dogs can also become frustrated at the barrier and may experience some discomfort from the shock.  They can also easily escape if the battery in their collar quits.


Alternatives to Fences

If your dog is well-behaved, there are fencing alternatives you may want to consider.  Modular fences aren’t permanent and will give your dog a safe and secure outdoor space to play.  They are also more affordable than traditional fences and are easier to install. 

A leash stake or dog run will also allow your dog to get exercise without leaving the yard.  A leash stake is twisted into the ground, and a long leash or tether is attached to it.  Dog runs feature a long cable or wire suspended several feet above the ground.  Your dog’s leash or tether is attached to a sliding pulley.  Fido can run up and down or sideways to burn off energy. 

An exercise pen is a small enclosure you can put in your backyard. These are particularly good for puppies.  An outdoor dog kennel is a good choice for larger dogs.  They come in a variety of height and size options and can be expanded.   


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