Fence Etiquette

Jun 1, 2020 | Outdoor Living

Fence Etiquette for your Baltimore County Neighbors and You

One major worry along the road to building a new fence for your home is how to approach your neighbors. The decisions you make don’t just affect you; they affect all of the people surrounding your home, and recognizing this is the first step towards maintaining fence etiquette and friendly relationships with your neighbors.

Communication is key

Letting your neighbors know about any upcoming fencing plans should be near the top of your to-do list. Taking this step with make for a smoother building process for you, as it will bring any property line disputes or other concerns to light before any major building occurs. This gives you plenty of time to resolve any issues. While their consent is not always necessary, it makes for friendlier future interactions.

Proper fence etiquette dictates that the finished outside of your new fence should face your neighbors. This way they won’t have reason to complain about supports and crossbars.

Follow your local guidelines

Make sure that before you start any construction, you are well acquainted with Baltimore County fencing regulations. Depending on the height of your new fence, you may need to acquire a permit. Take the time to understand the laws that are in place because breaking them could be a costly mistake.

If your community has a homeowners association, check to be sure you build and plan within their restrictions as well. These associations can have an entirely different set of expectations for your area or may not even allow fences. Find out what is required of you before you build.

Being aware of your local fence building regulations will help you avoid neighborhood disputes and streamline the entire process.

Practice good fence maintenance

When you decide to erect a new fence in your yard, you take on the responsibility of making sure it remains in good condition. If you allow your fence to fall into disrepair, you are creating an eyesore for the entire neighborhood and potentially impacting property values.

If you find that a slat has snapped in half or that paint is chipping away, do your best to remedy the problems in a relatively timely manner. Keeping up on these sorts of issues will ensure that your fence is a positive change for you and your neighbors.

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