Fence and Deck Maintenance

Dec 1, 2021 | Home Improvement

Fence and Deck Maintenance is Easy

Fences and decks do not require much maintenance throughout their lifetime and are very easy to keep up with. Today we will go over the ease of tasks to keep your fence and deck long-lasting and in good condition year-round! Fence and Deck Maintenance is easy!

    1. Depending on what type of fence you get, they are easy to keep up with over the years. Fences rarely experience a break due only to wear and tear. If you have a metal fence, it’s already very durable and can resist a lot of conditions. A wooden or painted fence may require more attention as the paint flakes or chips, or the wood may start to weather down due to constant exposure to the elements. Though there is still work involved in maintaining fences, they still require very little work on your part.
    1. For your deck, other than the design and the furniture you place on it, it only requires monthly or even yearly maintenance in some areas. Decks are meant to withstand all sorts of weather conditions and furniture. The only form of maintenance that you may need on your deck over the years is occasional power washing or very occasional board replacement if it’s needed. Power washing services are only a phone call away and additionally, non-commercial power washers are available for purchase or rental. Whether It’s teak, treated pine, etc. a deck doesn’t require much upkeep at all.
    1. You may wonder how fences and decks can withstand strong winds, heavy rainfall, snow, etc. Fences and decks are built with slits or small openings in them to allow for wind and rain to pass through the fence and prevent the rain to gather in puddles on the deck. Additionally, they are most often either weather-treated or painted with a weatherproof form of exterior paint as they are more likely to get weathered down from rainfall. Professionals who install or maintain your deck through cleaning or repair often employ these tactics as well upon installation.


Fences and decks may seem like a difficult-to-maintain addition to your home, but they aren’t very complicated and are simple to deal with. We hope we have convinced you through this article! A fence and deck are both great commodities to add to your home, and maintaining them

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