Energy Efficient Upgrades

Mar 2, 2022 | Home Improvement

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Earth Day is right around the corner, and it’s a great reminder of the impact our actions have on the planet we live on. There’s a lot to be fixed, but luckily, there are many simple energy efficient upgrades and steps every one of us can take to help the environment. Here are five easy ways to start going green in time for Earth Day next month.



Reduce, reuse, recycle– we’ve all heard the phrase and seen it plastered across posters everywhere. But it’s a popular mantra for good reason– 27 million tons of plastic were deposited in landfill in 2018 alone, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And it’s not just about plastic. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” extends to all kinds of possessions, including clothes, shoes, toys, books, electronics, and more. Hand-me-downs save money as well as material. Another big tip is donation– there are so many ways and places to donate to, whether you’re willing to drop off a couple boxes or need them picked up. When in doubt, give to Goodwill or ask around at community businesses for any local collections.

For more information on recycling electronics, visit the EPA’s website here.



Cut down on food waste with a compost bin. If you have a garden, it’s as easy as digging a hole near your plants, filling it with your potato skins/rotten produce/banana peels/etc., and covering the opening back up. Once the waste has decomposed, your garden will enjoy richer soil– and your trash can will be that much emptier! There are tons of options for making compost containers, too. They range from building a DIY bin out of wooden pallets to simply poking holes in the lid of a storage bin. Whatever your resources, there’s an easy composting idea for you! If you have septic, don’t forget to get your septic pumping schedule in place.


Save Electricity

We all know to turn the lights off when leaving the room, but it’s also important to keep windows and doors closed when the A/C or heat is running. Cut down on your energy bills with shorter, cooler showers and mindful use of overhead lights. Chances are, you won’t need quite as much electricity as you thought you did– think about all the different ways you use it throughout the day and consider what you can cut back on. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Leaky windows letting out all the warm air? Consider energy-efficient replacement windows. Click here to learn more.


No Gardening Pesticides

Agricultural pesticides are a big part of water pollution due to runoff, and there are so many great alternatives that will keep your plants growing strong without the environmental harm. From weeds to many-legged pests, the Northwest Center for Alternatives for Pesticides offers specific advice for whatever natural obstacles your garden is facing. Check out their website to find advice tailored to your situation.


Walk and Use Your Bike

Bikes aren’t just for the kids. Get your steps in and cut down on gas when traveling near home. Heading to a shopping complex? No need to drive from parking lot to parking lot– the extra steps to drop your bags off at your car will help both you and the Earth. And you know what they say about riding a bike– no matter how many years it’s been, you’ve still got it. Fall back in love with the fresh air!


Want to Make Some Energy-Efficient Updates to Your Home?

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