Easy DIY Home Repairs and Hacks

May 24, 2023 | Home Improvement

Easy DIY Home Repairs and Hacks

Calling in a handyman to make a few minor household repairs can be expensive.  Here are some easy DIY home repairs and hacks along with tips and tricks for doing stuff yourself that will keep that extra cash in your bank account.


DIY Home Repairs

If you’re ready to tackle a home repair or remodel on your own, here are some ideas.  Plank flooring is relatively easy to install.  These floating floors go directly on top of the subfloor or an underlayment with no glue or nails required.  Vinyl and laminate flooring can easily be cut with a hand saw or utility knife.

It’s time to seal your asphalt driveway if it’s cracked, faded or stained. Cracks will get bigger if they’re not addressed and can become unsafe. Patch and seal cracks in the asphalt before you get started.  Driveway sealer is a thin liquid that can be brushed across the surface of a driveway with a broom. A seal coating also prevents damage from auto fluids.

If you want to learn how to remodel, a small bathroom is a good place to start. It contains everything, but not too much of it.  For instance, If you want to install ceramic floor tile you only have a small area to cover. A powder room or half-bath has a limited number of fixtures and is easy to tackle.

Malfunctioning gutters and downspouts can easily be fixed by a DIYer.  The proper repair pieces and accessories can be found at local home improvement centers.


Brilliant DIY Repair Hacks

Did someone say brilliant? Well, you can be the judge on that one. However, some of these may be worth trying.

If there are dents in your carpet, place ice cubes over them and let the ice melt.  After a few hours, blot the water with a sponge. Fluff the fibers with your fingers or a spoon.

You can also use ice cubes to clean your garbage disposal.  Dump a cup of them into the disposal and let the grinders do their work. Flush the ice down with hot water and add a few citrus peels for freshness.

Have a drawer that keeps getting stuck? Try rubbing a bar of soap along the drawer glides.  The suds will act as a lubricant so you can open your drawer with ease.

Try using a hot clothes iron to rub out dents or dings in wood floors and furniture.  Press a hot iron over a damp towel, and rub the iron in a circular motion for a few minutes.

Nail holes in a wall can be plugged with non-gel toothpaste. Blend it into the hole and wall and blot the excess with a wet rag.  Your wall will look whole again. This toothpaste can also be used to remove waxy crayon stains from walls.

Clear nail polish can stop window screen tears.  Brush it over the snags or slits to keep the screen from unraveling any further.

If red wine spilled on the carpet, remove it with vinegar.  This natural cleaner can work wonders on stubborn stains.

Trying to get that perfectly straight caulk edge? Painters tape can help.  The trick is to remove the tape while the caulk is still wet.

These fun little hacks are good for DIYers who want to save a few dollars.  However, if you want a truly professional look, call your favorite handyman or home improvement service.


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