4 Trending Design Ideas for Your Baltimore County Fence

Oct 14, 2015 | Fences

While many people choose to install a fence for practical rather than aesthetic reasons, your new Baltimore County fence can add an interesting design element to your yard. This year there have ben many emerging trends that we’re seeing more often in the market. Learn how to make your Baltimore County fence stand out from the crowd with these 5 design ideas.


Try out one of these design ideas for your Baltimore County fence.

4 Trending Design Ideas for Your Baltimore County Fence

Go dark

While the traditional white picket fence is still a popular one, many people are now choosing to paint their wooden fences black. The dark backdrop provides a striking contrast to a bright and colorful garden, making it an especially good choice for home owners who want to show off their flower garden’s full glory.


Choose aluminum

If you want the dark look without the hassle of painting, consider installing an aluminum Baltimore County fence. Aluminum requires minimal maintenance and will look good for years without requiring re-painting. They also offer the look of a picket fence (i.e. the vertical spokes are are spaced to leave room in between them) in a more modern package. An aluminum fence won’t provide privacy but it will offer a striking design element that gives your yard a sense of elegance.


Green fences

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the vertical space offered by their fences to increase their planting space by training edible fruits and vegetables to climb their fence. An aluminum fence will work best for this purpose as it won’t be affected by bugs or rot and will give your plants sturdy support as they grow.


Edible garden fences

As backyard farming becomes more popular, homeowners are realizing the need to fence in their edible gardens to prevent unwanted critters from munching on their vegetables. You can choose any type of fencing you prefer for this application but you’ll want something low (generally 3′ or smaller) to allow plenty of sunshine to reach your plants. Many homeowners prefer aluminum for its durability and low-maintenance requirements.


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