Decorative Fencing

Apr 6, 2022 | Fences

Decorative Fencing

Fun Fence Flourishes

The proof is in the pudding– we here at Excel Fencing and Decking know a whole lot about fences, from backyards and pool decks to privacy screens and pet protectors. Fencing doesn’t have to be utilitarian or dull– decorative fencing with functionality and visual appeal are far from mutually exclusive. On that note, here are a few of our favorite ways to add some flourishes to your  decorative fencing project.


Decorative Fencing Arches

If you’re in the market for a property or garden fence, look no further for the perfect extra design feature. Archways look gorgeous surrounding gates or entrances, especially when intertwined with growing flowers, vines, or other greenery. Add a touch of elegance to your home with graceful arches connecting to your fence and decorate throughout the year with fairy lights, garlands, or spring blooms.



One of our favorite aspects of aluminum fencing is the choice to add accessories to the tops of the pickets. As you can see on our aluminum fencing page, this includes many attractive options, from the simple to the elaborate. Adding these toppers may also discourage any would-be fence climbers from hopping over. Some of our favorite accessories include the curling butterfly design, looping circles, and the classic ball cap. You can even mix and match the colors of these accessories if you like, topping a black fence with metallic-hued designs.


Aluminum Style Decorative Fencing

Yet another reason to love aluminum fencing is the abundance of styles the material offers. The gentle curve of the sunrise design offers pressed point pickets and a more open aesthetic. The beachcomber style features a more close-knit design, with 32 pickets per section to the sunrise style’s 15. An open-top design like this offers plenty of opportunity for the accessories mentioned above. For a more complete list of styles, check out the graphic on our aluminum fencing page.


Advantages With Wood

Easy on the wallet and on the eyes, wooden fencing has a rustic charm that never goes out of style. We also offer a variety of stains and paint colors to spiff up your new fence and customize it to your tastes. If you’re aiming for maximum privacy and choose a solid design, consider selecting white paint– if there are any aspiring artists in your family, now could be their time to shine! Cover your fence with murals and hand-painted designs to really make your property your own.


Decorative Fencing Leaving you Feeling Inspired?

Visit our photo gallery for more ideas! Excel warmly welcomes you to contact us for consideration. We’ll work with you to design and build a fence that gives you the comfort of solid security and privacy. We will clearly explain our process, explore possible fencing solutions, measure the area you are interested in fencing, and provide you with a no-hassle offer. It’s that easy! Give us a call today at 410-803-9499 or fill out our quick online contact form for a free estimate.