Top 4 Deck Design Trends for Baltimore County in 2016

Jan 15, 2016 | Decks

If you’re considering having a deck installed during 2016, you won’t regret it. A deck can increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space, add value to your home, and make your backyard more visually appealing. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, read on for our tips on how to build a deck that will be the envy of your Baltimore County neighbors!


Check out these trends for your Baltimore County deck.

Top 4 Deck Design Trends for Baltimore County in 2016

Put it on the roof

If you are lucky enough to have access to your roof which can withstand the extra weight, nothing is cooler than a rooftop deck. Offering an unparallelled view of your Baltimore County neighborhood, a rooftop deck also has the added benefit of not taking up space in your yard which is perfect for homeowners with postage-stamp yards. And come on, what’s cooler than your own personal rooftop deck? Impress your friends at your next patio party.

Make it multi-level

One of the biggest deck trends that we’ll start seeing more of this year is multi-level decks. Different from a multi-story deck which offers 2 separate areas for entertaining, multi-level decks allow all guests to mingle while adding the visual interest of breaking up the space by adding a more interesting and unique design.

Choose composite

Composite decking materials continue to become more popular as homeowners are won over by their many benefits. Composite is easy to care for, requires very little maintenance, doesn’t create splinters, and looks good for years with virtually no upkeep. It is also available in a wide range of colors and styles so you can be sure that there is a composite material that will be perfect for your Baltimore County deck.

Go gray

While going gray is often seen as a bad thing, that’s not true for decks in 2016! Gray-hued decks are becoming more popular as homeowners want something more visually interesting than the traditional wood-colored options. Choosing a gray deck is more interesting and unique than the go-to browns and can create a stunning focal point for your backyard.

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