Deck Replacement Signs for your Harford County Home

Apr 10, 2015 | Decks

Wood deck replacement

Wooden decks are prone to damage over time. Do you need a deck replacement?

A deck that’s in good shape is a great asset for any Harford County home.  It gives you the perfect place to barbecue on Memorial Day, enjoy the first signs of summer, and sip your morning coffee on the weekends. That’s why you need to keep an eye out for signs you need a deck replacement. A deck that’s in bad shape is a ticking time bomb that will only drag down the value of your home. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate your deck and repair or replace it if you spot trouble. Take care of your deck now so that nothing stops you from enjoying summertime.

Signs to look out for

Structural damage is one of the most troublesome things you’ll need to look out for when you inspect your deck. This issue will generally require full deck replacement and is definitely a bit pricier. Look at the big picture. Step back and really take the time to notice the state of your deck. Does it sturdy? If your deck is sagging instead of standing strong, you may have some structural damage hiding underneath the boards. Check for wobbly railings, and missing screws.

Rotten wood isn’t particularly safe to walk on, and can lead up to that unpleasant structural damage. Wood rot is caused by excess moisture that allows fungus to munch away at the wood on your deck. If your wood is seriously rotten, you’ll definitely be able to tell. The color of your wood is a good way to tell whether or not rot has compromised the wood. Notice discoloration. This will be particularly noticeable around the edges. When roof rot is severe, you’ll be able to feel the wood giving way beneath your feet, as rot can make your wood extremely soft or almost spongy to the touch. Unfortunately, wood rotten decks are the perfect homes for termites. The wood is nice and easy to chew through, and this can even further damage the structure of your deck.

During summer months especially, decks see a lot of action. You grill on them, you drink on them, your pets run around on them, and you eat on them. All of these things can cause extensive scratching and staining. Whether your deck furniture has spent years roughing up the surface, or that wine stain from years ago is firmly set in, these signs of wear and tear may only be salvageable through full replacement. If you’ve gotten a good amount of time out of deck, consider investing in a brand new one to keep the joy going for many more years.

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