Deck Maintenance

Apr 7, 2021 | Decks

Deck Maintenance

3 Tips for Keeping Your Deck in Good Shape Year-Round

Maryland homes surprisingly have to endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the year and that is why deck maintenance is super important. We often start the year off with cold, snowy winters, move to a rainy spring, get covered in pollen during the summer and before we know it, we’re back to the snowy winter again. As such, we need to take care of our decks! Here are three tips for keeping your deck in good shape year-round.


Late Spring Sealing

If you have a wood deck, you’ll want to seal it once a year to preserve it and keep it looking fresh year-round. Have you sealed your deck yet this year? If not, the perfect time to do so is just over the horizon. Late spring is typically the ideal time to seal a wooden deck because of the nice temperature and lack of humidity in the air that Maryland summers bring year after year. Unsure which sealant is best for your deck? We’re happy to help you select one!


Supplemental Deck Maintenance

In addition to the recommended yearly sealing and power washing, you should keep up with supplemental maintenance throughout the year to preserve your deck’s longevity and the items on it. Once autumn is just about to end, you can relocate things like your patio furniture, planters and other décor to prevent discoloration once the colder months arrive. You should also be sure to sweep leaves once they start to pile up and trim any overhanging trees or bushes. Routinely performing these supplemental maintenance tasks will keep your deck looking fresh and allow you to discover any issues as early as possible.


Don’t Put Off Repairs

Notice an issue with your deck while cleaning it? We recommend having it fixed as soon as you reasonably can. Even problems that may seem minor, like wobbly railings or a few boards starting to rot, can build up and lead to significant issues with costly repairs. Even if your repairs are minor, we’re always happy to help!


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