Convert Dining Room

Apr 27, 2022 | Home Improvement

Convert Dining Room

Inventive Ways to Use Your Dining Room

Your formal dining room has gone unused for too long! If dust is gathering on the tablecloth and your china cabinet has gone woefully without compliment, you probably don’t use your dining room very often, and in today’s fast-paced society, who could blame you? But if you’re looking for other ways to use or convert dining room space while you wait for the next big holiday dinner, here are a few ideas!


Host a Murder Mystery Party

Halloween, midwinter, or the middle of July, it doesn’t matter– there’s never a bad time of year to host a murder mystery party! Adults, teenagers, and (older) kids alike will have a ball dressing up like their characters and working to solve the puzzle as the clock winds down. Take the excuse to decorate and convert dining room as fancy as you like. If there’s an aspiring mystery author in the family, have them write you a narrative, or simply buy a kit online or at your nearest game store. Want something a little less morbid? Escape room kits are also sold widely and are just as fun! Make sure you bring plenty of brain food to keep your guests going!


Build a Fort

In the words of Friends’ Joey Tribbiani, “why don’t you be a grown-up and come and watch some TV in the fort?” You’re never too old to build a blanket fort and snuggle up inside with a flashlight, whether you have kids or not. Throw an old sheet over the dining room table and make use of that unused floor space. Watch movies, play board games, or curl up with a good book. For young kids, making shadow puppets on the walls or just eating on the ground rather than at the table could be even more exciting. The best part of the location (besides the proximity to the kitchen!)? You won’t have to take it down for weeks.


Make it Beautiful

Chances are, if your dining room is labeled “formal” and rarely used, it probably looks pretty lovely already. But if you’re not planning to use it to eat very often, consider adding other features that you will! Install some bookshelves and elegant seating if you have room or use the wall space to show off your photo collection. Not a big photo, art, or book person? Display your records, CDs, or board games instead. You can even make a “home theater” by draping a light-colored sheet across one wall and projecting onto your makeshift screen. The possibilities are endless!


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