Choosing the Right Pool Fence for You

Feb 11, 2015 | Fences

POOLVINYL-391x195 (1)Spring and summer are on the horizon for Baltimore County. If you’re starting to think about getting your pool ready for some fun in the sun, you’ll need to consider a pool fence. You backyard body of water can be extremely dangerous for unattended children and pets. A pool fence is the perfect way to keep these beloved members of your family safe. Once you decide to have your very own pool fence installed, the next big decision is your building materials. Your pool fence can be constructed from a wide variety of products and each has its own advantages.

Aside from keeping little ones and pets out of the pool, a fence can keep unwanted house guests out. You will rest assured that raccoons, squirrels, and intruders are discouraged from taking a dive into your backyard swimming pool. Fences also protect your pool from a lot of falling debris that makes pool maintenance a real chore.

Vinyl pool fencing

Vinyl can be an excellent option for fencing in your residential pool. The number one benefit of using a vinyl fence to enclose your pool is their water repellant qualities. You won’t have to worry about your fence warping or rusting, and it can last for decades. The maintenance for a vinyl fence is quite simple. You will not have chipping or decay to deal with. Vinyl is also a great option because it comes in many different styles. You can find vinyl fencing that acts as a traditional privacy fence, but you can also achieve a more slatted and open look.


Wood fences can have a tough time standing up to constant splashing, but the old standard has its benefits. Wood fences are praised for their durability and the wide range of available styles. Wood can be stained and finished to suit your desires, and offers a very classic look. Your wooden pool fence will provide absolute privacy.


Aluminum fences are quickly becoming the most popular choice for pool barriers. Just like vinyl, aluminum is a great water resistant option. These fences are the most common choice because of their elegant look. Aluminum fences aren’t great at providing privacy, but they blend seamlessly with almost any outdoor design. The best part for a homeowner is that this type of fence is quite low maintenance.

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