Why Should You Choose a Wrap-Around Deck? 

Aug 12, 2016 | Decks


wrap-around deck

Wrap-around decks are an amazing investment.

Wrap-around decks are increasing in popularity, and more and more new homebuyers have a wrap-around deck at the top of their checklists when searching for a place to live. Wrap-around decks let you enjoy the beauty of your property, and don’t confine you to specific views. Let’s take a closer look at wrap-around decks.

What is a Wrap-Around Deck?


A wrap-around deck goes around your entire home or most of your home to provide uninterrupted views of your property. While most homes just have a back deck, a wrap-around deck lets you take in the scenery of your entire property. This type of deck is great for entertaining, but it is also great to provide your whole family with their own space.  One area can be for barbequing, one are can be for reading, and one area can be for listening to the radio and getting a little sun. No matter how you use it, a wrap-around deck provides you and your family with enough space to do whatever they want.


Helps Homes Sell


You may not have any current plans to sell your home, but when you do, you want to make sure you have a deck that a new homebuyer wants. You see, there’s a trend in real estate right now that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Most new homebuyers do not want to deal with any type of house that is viewed as a “fixer upper.” A new homeowner wants to move into the house they purchase right away without having to deal with any extensive projects. If you don’t have modern amenities like a wrap-around deck, your home could sit on the market longer. So if you have a popular amenity like a wrap-around deck, there’s a good chance that your home is going to attract more buyers.


Wrap-Around Decks Have Charm


One reason wrap-around decks are becoming so popular is that it reminds people of older homes with big porches. It has a classic look to it, but it also allows for a lot more activities than just a porch. Like we mentioned earlier, there is no limit to the amount of activities you can do on a wrap-around deck.


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