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Picking the Right Rug for Your Space

Adding a rug to your space is a decorative technique that provides both function and style.  For practicality, they provide comfort and warmth, especially over hard flooring options like concrete, wood, or tile.  Stylistically, they serve an integral role in interior decorating by adding color, tying different design elements together, and centering a space.  Whether
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Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is timeless, beautiful and economical. It adds distinction to your property and is very popular for use with horses and larger animals as well as dogs.

Shadowboxes secured to your fence can be used to hold planters up where they get more sun, and bonus: decorative!  

No one sets out to get sunburned, but the pleasant distractions of summer—the long, sunny days, the beckoning beach, losing track of time in the garden—all make it easy to forget that extra coat of sunscreen, or the need to take a break in the shade. Luckily, common foods in your kitchen possess sun-protection compounds
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What are you doing this weekend??

So you’re planning on a new deck or fence for your yard and need to save money on the side? Or your Excel project is finished and you want to put the finishing touches on your yard – this is just what you need! I really love DIY projects. I also really love summertime. This
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