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Winterizing: Part 2

  Winterizing Your Home: Part 2   One of the best things about autumn is watching all the colors come to life.  Unfortunately, this also means it’s time to focus on winterizing your home.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather in Central Maryland to make some important changes around your property.  Conduct your annual home
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Winterizing:  Part 1

  Winterizing Your Home:  Part 1   It won’t be long before the cold winter winds start blowing. And if you haven’t taken the proper steps to protecting your home, those winds will blow right into your house.  Maximizing every exposed crack and crevice. You’ll feel it in your bones, along with your wallet since
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Picking the Right Rug for Your Space

Adding a rug to your space is a decorative technique that provides both function and style.  For practicality, they provide comfort and warmth, especially over hard flooring options like concrete, wood, or tile.  Stylistically, they serve an integral role in interior decorating by adding color, tying different design elements together, and centering a space.  Whether
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Ways to Organize Your Shed

As a homeowner, your outdoor shed can offer the perfect place to safely store crucial tools, but if your shed is in disarray, a simple fix-it job could become a hassle. You also run the risk of injuring yourself and losing valuable equipment if your shed isn’t in order. Your solution: organize that shed. Let’s
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The Big Decision: Do-It-Yourself or Professional

There’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes from completing a project around the house – and the cost savings on professional labor can be a big factor when it comes to finishing tasks on budget. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) has become a movement, if not a way of life; but is the grass really greener when
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