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Ways to Organize Your Shed

As a homeowner, your outdoor shed can offer the perfect place to safely store crucial tools, but if your shed is in disarray, a simple fix-it job could become a hassle. You also run the risk of injuring yourself and losing valuable equipment if your shed isn’t in order. Your solution: organize that shed. Let’s
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Staining your Deck is Easy

Applying deck stains is important when it comes to deck maintenance. Staining your deck can provide beautiful rich color and protection to help your deck have a long and beautiful life. Below are all of the steps when it comes to applying deck stains.

Vinyl Products Are Resilient

You don’t have to paint or stain vinyl and it holds up well to water, which means you won’t lose the color of your fencing in the rain.  

Vinyl fencing has become a very popular substitute for wood and chain link over the recent years. Vinyl is very low maintenance. It does not decompose like wood and is rust free. Vinyl material is built to last and maintains it’s original condition for a lifetime!

Wood Fencing and Decking

Trying to decide what type of material to use for your new fence or deck? Each has its own set of costs and benefits. Let’s look at wood… PROS: Can be used to create curves Natural appearance (great for wooded lots) Can be finished with stain or paint (endless colors/finishes) One of the cheaper options
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