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Wood Decking | Wooden decking has a stylish, timeless appearance which complements a wide variety of homes, and can be painted or stained to match almost any aesthetic. At Excel we provide the absolute best in wood decking, offering beautiful wooden decks of superior design, made from a wide variety of top-quality lumber, and built to any specifications you can imagine.

Composite/ Low Maintenance Decking | Excel Fencing and Decking is also excited to offer composite/ synthetic decking with the lowest possible maintenance requirements a deck can have. Made from mixed wood and plastic, our composite decking perfectly mimics the appearance of natural wood while offering greater durability, strength, and weather-resistance. With premium composite decking products from Wolf PVC Decking, Azek and Trex, Excel is your go-to for all your low maintenance decking needs by the most professional deck builders in Maryland. 

Custom Decking | While many standard decks can be modified to fit almost any property, if you want a deck that’s made for your home then there’s only one thing to build: A custom deck. Custom decks have soared in popularity over the last few decades, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer complete control over your deck, allowing you to create a deck that’s a perfect backyard oasis. Excel Fencing and Decking will work with you to build a custom deck that fits your needs and budget. Our expert craftsmen are the best deck builders in Maryland and can build classic wooden and durable composite custom decks of the highest quality.

Excel also offers other services including sidewalk, driveway and patio installments. We can accent your outdoor pool or recreational area to make it into a private oasis. Our experts will work with you to make the patio of your dreams. Once Excel begins a job, we handle everything including proper permit acquisition. We take great pride in creating an efficient work environment, and we’ll leave your property in pristine condition.

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Beat the Heat with Wood Decking

Wood Decking Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean your decking has to heat up, too!  Who likes stepping outside and nearly burning the bottom of their feet?  Fortunately, we can help you avoid this unpleasant situation with a little planning.  Although certain materials can withstand extreme conditions better than others, we always come back
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Prep Your Patio for Spring

The first day of spring is finally here!  Get ready for warmer temperatures and outdoor entertaining by working to prep your patio first.  After the winter we just had in Maryland, this space (and its surfaces) likely took a beating.  Fortunately, you should be able to clean it up and have it ready for use
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Make the Most of Your Limited Lifetime Warranty

Did you know that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products that we install?  Whether it’s pressure-treated wood decking, composite vinyl materials, or metal fencing, we want you to be 100% satisfied!  For us, that means making sure you’re take care of, long after the installation is complete.  To understand exactly what this
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New & Different Deck Patterns

Installing a new deck adds a lot of advantages to any property, but sometimes you want a little something different.  With any built-in entertaining space that maximizes on your views, you have a few decisions to make.  Apart from materials, height, and location, consider what pattern you want installed.  This can help your home stand
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How to Prevent Slippery Conditions On your Deck

Slippery conditions on your deck can potentially lead to injuries and other property damage. Here are some strategies for how to keep your deck slip-free and safe this winter! Non-Slip Mats or Strips for Your Deck If you use your deck quite a bit in winter, consider purchasing some non-stick mats to strategically place around
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Choosing a Color for your Deck Railing

If you have decided to have a deck railing installed, you may have a lot of questions on how to pick one. Between color, maintenance needs, durability, and style, there are many considerations to make when choosing the perfect railing for your deck in Baltimore County. It is especially difficult if you don’t have an
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How Can You Utilize the Space Under Your Deck?

Raised decks are a fantastic way to maximize the utility of your backyard, especially if your home is located on a small property. Deck design is usually the focus when a project is commenced, and understandably so, but don’t neglect the potential for the patio under your deck! What are some of the best ways
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Install Accent Lighting on Your Deck for the Winter

The colder weather is fast approaching here in Baltimore County and that means your time out on the deck is coming to an end. You’re probably already preparing your deck and yard for the upcoming winter season. Do you want to keep your deck looking good year-round, even during the offseason? You should consider having
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Is It Possible to Build a Deck in the Winter?

Have you been thinking about building a deck for your home in Baltimore County, but wondering if it’s too late now that the winter chill is starting to set in? Many contractors say that the busiest season for them is the summer, which makes sense. During the summer, everyone wants a place in the backyard
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Cleaning Your Deck

Does your Baltimore County deck need a good cleaning before the winter sets in? Cleaning it will not only keep it looking fresh but also help the wood maintain its integrity, increasing its longevity. Sweeping and removing debris regularly is one maintenance task to perform – it’s a pretty easy way to keep your deck
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