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Preserve your Outdoor Furniture this Spring

The weather this time of year is especially unpredictable—welcome to spring in Maryland!  One day you’re having a barbecue to enjoy the warmth, and the next it’s practically snowing.  However, these fluctuations don’t mean you have to move your outdoor furniture back and forth every week.  Just take some steps to protect it, and you’ll
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Outdoor Living: Decks vs. Patios

Ah springtime. The time of the year when everyone starts thinking about what outdoor living project they’re going to do this year. If you’re thinking about your outdoor living space, you’re probably considering either a deck or a patio. You might even be considering both! But if you only have the space for one, or
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Spice up your Deck with New Deck Furniture

Winter in Baltimore County is not the ideal season for spending time outdoors, but it is the perfect time for planning a deck revamp. Whether you forgot to properly store your deck furniture, or you’re looking to give your outdoor space a fresh, modern look, start planning and shopping now. In just a few short
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Perks Of Decking

Weekends are the time to come together with family members and friends. With summer coming to an end, we find ourselves trying to spend as much time outside as possible. What better way to spend your weekend than out on your deck with those close to you. Don’t have a deck yet? Give us a
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If you’re looking to attract more birds to your garden, Black Eyed Susan’s are a great way to do so! They are also Maryland’s State flower!

An outdoor deck is a wonderful place to hang out with friends or just to enjoy the morning sun. It can also add value to your property!

Using stone instead of mulch while landscaping will reduced maintenance. Mulch needs to be re-applied annually because it decomposes and fades. Stone doesn’t require re-application except in rare circumstances. The likelihood of weed growth in stone beds is also slightly less than in a mulch bed.