Build a Backyard Playground

Jan 18, 2023 | Backyard Fun

How to Build a Backyard Playground

Encouraging kids to get fresh air is crucial to their health and wellness.  A backyard playground is a perfect solution to get children off their devices and into the great outdoors.


Build a Backyard Playground DIY

Playground equipment can be very expensive. You can build one yourself using materials from your local home improvement store.  Get creative with your DIY Playground by adding custom features and accessories. Ideas include a rock-climbing wall, a zip line, a ship’s wheel, a fake telescope, or trapeze rings.


Preparing to Build a Backyard Playground

Find a location.  Look over your yard and pick the perfect spot for your backyard playground.  Avoid sloping areas, low-hanging trees, and wires.  Place the structure in a shady area that can easily be seen from your home. Make sure the playground location isn’t prone to flooding.


Determine the Size

Plan how big you want your backyard playground to be and buy lumber with measurements that will fit.  Contact your homeowner’s association or local government to check if you need a building permit or prior approval before you break ground.


Involve the Kids

Involve your kids in the playground project. Listen to them and get their input on the design elements.  Customize the playground to fit their needs and interests. This will show that you respect them and their ideas.


Include Natural Elements

If possible, incorporate the existing natural features in your yard when designing your playground. Spending time in nature is key to a child’s growth and development.

A background playground can bring years of enjoyment and help with your children’s growth and development.  Put time and effort into choosing the right design. It can result in big rewards in the future.


Tips to Build a Backyard Playground Safely

Pick a Safe Surface. Choose a safe playground surface that will minimize injuries from falls.  Engineered wood fiber and rubber mulch are popular choices.  Grass and sand are also soft and protective.

Choose a Border. A simple border will help protect the playground from being damaged by wind, erosion, and wildlife. Rubber curbs are a good choice.  They’re slick, sturdy, and easy-to-assemble. Don’t waste money on a lavish border.  Keep it simple.

Keep it Age-Appropriate. There are playground activities, challenges, and designs appropriate for every age group.  Keep this in mind when you are picking out what to include in your playground design.  Every age is stimulated by different activities. Do your research on what playground pieces will be a good fit for your children.


Build a Backyard Playground… It Adds Value

Playgrounds can add value to your property if they are built with quality materials and are well-maintained. Homebuyers will take notice if your backyard playground is durable, in good condition, and safe to use.  Playgrounds are especially valuable in neighborhoods with kids and good school districts.

Playgrounds are attractive to buyers with kids.  They increase pleasure, boost curb appeal, promote health, and are convenient. Unlike a swimming pool, backyard playgrounds are fairly easy to maintain.


Improve Your Backyard Look

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