Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Jul 5, 2023 | Home Improvement

Planning a kitchen makeover is fun and exciting.  You have the chance to be creative and design a space that fits you and your needs.  However, it’s easy to get caught up in the process and make mistakes. Here are the Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to avoid.


Moving too Fast

Don’t rush the design process. Take your time with your kitchen design. If you are in too much of a hurry, it can lead to renovation disasters.  Don’t leave important decisions to the last minute. Order appliances well in advance. Make sure your designer has all of the renovation details and proper dimensions before getting started.


Wasted Kitchen Space

Don’t leave a lot of extra space in the kitchen.  Make sure you don’t have to travel far to get to different areas.  Appliances should fit in their space, and doors and cabinets should open up with ease.  Kitchen aisles need to be wide enough to accommodate traffic flow and open doors.  Ideally, they should be 42 to 48 inches wide.


Wrong Dimensions

A supersized island won’t work well in a big room.  You are better off with two smaller islands.  An island that’s longer than 10 feet will be hard to walk around.  If it’s more than 4 feet deep, it will be hard to reach the middle.

Likewise, a small peninsula is a better fit than an island for a small kitchen.  There are a variety of sizes and layouts to choose from.  Don’t overwhelm a small space with something too large. 


Changing Your Mind

Determine exactly what you want before you begin remodeling.  Changes and delays midway through a project will cost you.  Think through every choice ahead of time.  Make sure appliances and other items have arrived before the contractor is ready to install. 


Limited Storage Space

A good design should allow for plenty of storage space.  There are hundreds of storage options to choose from, including open storage, cabinets and shelves.  Don’t shortchange yourself.  Make sure there is enough room for items to be properly stored away.


Lack of People Space

People tend to congregate in the kitchen.  They want to be near the cook, the food and each other.  Include a space for them to interact in your new kitchen. Ideas include a corner nook or an island with seating. 


Impulsive Decisions

Don’t commit to any main design element until you actually see it in your kitchen.  When choosing flooring or countertop materials, bring samples home first before you buy. 


Cheap Hardware

Good quality accessories and hardware often get left out of kitchen designs.  It’s a mistake to settle for the cheap stuff in order to save a little money.  Your kitchen should be pleasing to the eye.  If money is a problem, focus on the features that will serve you best in the kitchen. 


Not Being Practical

A new kitchen design should be functional and serve your needs.  Determine how you want to use your kitchen. For instance, will it be used just to cook meals, or for family time and homework too?  Do you prefer leaving kitchen appliances out on the countertop, or stored away?  Figure out your needs.


Poor Preparation

Another common, but still one of the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes is not being prepared to install kitchen flooring.  People often don’t buy enough of it to cover the floor.  Not ordering the right quantity can be costly.  Other mistakes include choosing the wrong type of flooring or picking a material that clashes with the rest of the room.  When selecting a style, factor in nearby furniture and finishes.  You want to make sure it all blends together well. 


Let Us Help Design Your Space

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