Beat the Heat

Jul 31, 2019 | Outdoor Living

5 Ways to Beat the Heat

In our last post, we shared some of the ways you can use windows to cool your home and chill your spending. There’s a lot more you can do around the house, however, to find comfort during the muggy months. It’s still pretty hot out there, so here are several more tips to help you beat the heat on a budget.

Don’t Underestimate Fans

Ceiling fans create a nice breeze, but make sure they are rotating counterclockwise in the warmer months. For significant cooling, run ceiling units simultaneously throughout the house. Be sure to use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen after showering or cooking to get rid of excess hot air. Box fans also are beneficial.  You can put one in your window at night to pull warm air out of your home and speed up the cooling process.

Try Outdoor Cooking

Simply put, you’ll bake if you bake. Using everyday items such as the oven, dishwasher, and dryer adds to the heat you’re already trying to eliminate. Limit the use of these appliances to mornings and evenings.  Then, try to avoid them entirely when it’s extremely warm. Instead, take your cooking outdoors!  Whether you’re grilling on the deck or preparing a meal in your outdoor kitchen, you’re keeping the heat right where it belongs.

Make Your Own Shade with Awnings

Fixed and retractable awnings provide energy savings of around 27 to 42 percent for homeowners in the eastern U.S. Wherever possible, consider installing awnings, overhangs, and latticework to shield your south- and west-facing windows.  Not only will this cut down on solar heat gain, but it’s also adding shade for all your outdoor entertaining. Patio overheads, along with porch and deck roofs, also keep you cool. Fortunately, Excel Fencing & Decking offers custom installation options for our customers in Baltimore County, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Give us a call if you need an innovative solution to help you beat the heat on your patio, porch, and/or deck.

Maintain Your Thermostat This Summer

Making good use of your thermostat can help cool down your electric bill. On hot days when you’re out of the house, crank up the temperature by several degrees. Just don’t forget to program it to cool down half an hour before you return. Keep your thermostat away from sunlight, lamps, and other heat-producing items, as the added warmth causes an inaccurate accounting of your home’s temperature. The result is an unnecessary workload for your system and increase on your next energy bill.  It doesn’t hurt to have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system, either.  There are many parts, besides the thermostat, that could affect your unit’s energy efficiency and ability to cool. 

Care for Your Air Conditioning

Sometimes it’s just too hot to go without air conditioning.  Still, showing your unit a little love can keep it running in optimal condition. Outside, trim bushes and plants to create a two-foot perimeter around your air conditioner.  You should also regularly check for, and remove, any leaves or debris that may have fallen into it. Inside, keep vents away from furniture, drapes, and anything else that might restrict airflow. Vents also should be vacuumed to reduce the accumulation of dust. Finally, replace filthy filters at least once a month. You’ll breathe easier with fewer allergens in the air, and your unit will work more efficiently.

While we can’t do much about the heat, we at Excel Fencing & Decking hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  Preferably with friends and family on the patio or by the pool. We offer a lot of products and services that can make this a summer to remember, but we also have ways to keep you cool indoors. Let us know what project(s) you’re looking to complete next. Our installation experts are here to help!

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