Beat the Heat with Wood Decking

May 27, 2019 | Decks

Beat the Heat with Wood Decking

Wood Decking

Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean your decking has to heat up, too!  Who likes stepping outside and nearly burning the bottom of their feet?  Fortunately, we can help you avoid this unpleasant situation with a little planning.  Although certain materials can withstand extreme conditions better than others, we always come back to wood decks.  See why this summer.


Natural Heat Resistance

Since wood is naturally designed to withstand the elements, it tends to retain heat a lot less than metals or man-made materials.  In this industry, we’ve heard a lot of claims to that effect.  But it’s nice when other professionals present actual proof!  Like this builder who exposed different decking materials to the same conditions and measured their temperatures throughout.  Apparently, wood demonstrated lower levels of heat—by a considerable margin—than its competitors.  Even when sitting in direct sunlight.  See more about this experiment here ( 


Lighter vs. Darker

Of course, color matters in this conversation.  We all know that darker colors will hold heat, while lighter colors are more reflective.  This is true whether we’re talking about clothing or decking.  Wood decking will remain cooler if we use a lighter variety, with proper treatment.  Although you may prefer the appearance of darker stains, keep in mind this translates to higher temperatures throughout.  The same goes for man made composites, but even a white option may get hotter than freshly treated pine.  Simply because we have to factor in the deck’s density, as well.


Don’t Be Dense

If you think about it logically, denser materials will both absorb heat faster and retain it for longer.  With each additional layer, you have more heat build-up.  A problem many manufacturers are actively working to combat.  While wood decks are currently winning in this category, we’re starting to see lighter, less dense composites come on the market.  Ones that address the burnt-feet issue, while offering the durability and versatility people have come to expect. 

Honestly, at Excel Fencing & Decking, we don’t have a preference for any one material in particular.  We specialize in quality products that meet the needs of our clients in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area.  That includes keeping up with the latest options and making recommendations based on our professional insight.  When it comes to heat retention, we appreciate the dependability of wood.  But, if something else comparable comes up, you can trust we’ll be the first to let you know!