A Walkway can Enhance Your Home

Mar 15, 2023 | Home Improvement

How a Walkway can Enhance Your Home

 A walkway can add curb appeal and boost the value of your home. They can be made of brick, concrete, or natural materials. There are many stylish walkways to choose from to fit your lifestyle and budget. Continue reading to learn how a walkway can enhance your home.

Types of Walkway Materials

  • Mulch and Gravel.  These budget-friendly materials work well for DIY projects.  Wind them through a garden or landscaping.  Gravel comes in many colors and sizes.  Try putting large, circular stones on top of the gravel for an added touch.  Bark mulch can look nice all alone, surrounded by vibrant flowers. Cedar chips are affordable and typically have a lighter tint than mulch.
  • If you really want a unique look, try tumbled glass mulch. It’s made from used glass bottles, old windows and other glass products and keeps them out of landfills.  Tumbled glass has no jagged or sharp edges. 
  • Stepping Stones.  This type of path is easy and good for beginners.  Just lay large stones over grass to form a casual path.  A walkway of wood slices also looks nice when placed on a bed of sand. 
  • Recycled Pallet Wood. These rustic boards complement a short garden walk between the driveway and the yard.
  • Pavers. They dress up a garden and work well in formal settings.  They also require less maintenance and upkeep than less costly options.  Stock pavers are inexpensive and readily available, but they aren’t as attractive.  However, if you surround them with lava rocks in a cut-out bed, they can really stand out. 
  • Concrete. These days, traditional concrete can be colored and textured to mimic other types of stone or paving materials.  A poured concrete walkway can be made to look like natural stone when you add stamped designs and earth colored dyes. Concrete makes a nice non-slip pathway. 
  • Brick Options.  These materials are more expensive, but are stylish.  Common brick patterns include running bond, stacked bond, basketweave and herringbone.  Reclaimed brick is another good option.  These eco-friendly bricks with some history attached reduce the need for brand new materials. 
  • Bluestone.  This is a highly durable construction material used on walkways, steps, patios and even pool decks.  Pennsylvania bluestone is a type of sandstone found in that state.  Bluestone from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is a type of limestone.  Bluestone ranges in color from blue or gray to rust, brown or tan.

Walkway Border Materials

If you want to add a border to your walkway, there are many options.  These include metal, brick, wood and stone.  Border materials can be paired with the main material of your walkway for a polished look. They can create a border that will keep the walkway material inside; keep the grass out; or provide a bit of style.  Flower beds and plants can spruce up the look of your walkway. Consider adding landscape lighting to make the walkway standout, especially after dark. 

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