A Guide to Fence Styles

Feb 2, 2022 | Fences

A Guide to Fence Styles

Exterior home design combines style with substance, but it can be difficult to find the perfect material to compliment both sides of the equation. Luckily, our team at Excel Fencing and Decking is here to help! Our fence and deck professionals created A Guide to Fence Styles. From aluminum to wood, here’s a quick cheat sheet to help explain your myriad of material choices.



Classic and elegant, aluminum is a popular choice for both pool and backyard fencing. Consisting of heavy-walled rails, pickets, and posts, our aluminum fences are welded with the newest technology and protected by a powder-coated finish. Aluminum also offers a wide variety of aesthetic styles, ranging from the beautiful arching Sunrise to the sturdy but classy Waterfront. But the accessories are where aluminum fences really shine. Top your pickets with an elegant scroll or regal tri-finial to lend your yard a peaceful Victorian appeal. Check out our full page on aluminum fencing for more inspiration!


Chain Link

Looking for a more rugged aesthetic? Chain link fencing might be the style for you! Highly durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive, this material has become an increasingly common choice for Maryland homeowners. Chain link doesn’t have to be the stereotypical gray drudgery– we can supply nearly any color and can even customize the wiring pattern. These fences are simple but surprisingly flexible in design, and each one can be protected by a special corrosion-resistant paint. Want to learn more? Visit our full page on chain link fencing here.



Fencing can provide protection from more than neighborhood pool hoppers. Vinyl acts as a durable and attractive screen between your yard and prying eyes. Versatile and virtually maintenance-free, vinyl fencing is all but immune to rust, mold, and deterioration concerns– and it’s easy to clean, too! Just grab a bucket of soapy water once a year and give your fencing a quick wash. Inexpensive from install to upkeep, vinyl fencing provides customizable and reliable protection for your property. Take a look at our full page on vinyl fences right here.



Last but certainly not least, wooden fencing is not to be overlooked. With one of the widest array of style options, wood fences are known to dramatically increase property value and curb appeal. Give your backyard a rustic makeover with a classic Space Picket fence or guard against nosy passersby with a Solid Gothic design. With high or low protective heights and low-maintenance upkeep, wood fencing is a great option for your home exterior needs. Browse more customization options on our full page here!


Ready to Get Started?

We hope that A Guide to Fence Styles was a helpful starting point. Our highly trained and experienced fencing professionals have what it takes to offer you the very best in natural fencing at astounding prices. We believe in quality customer service and will take care of everything from permit acquisition to the installation itself. If you need a reliable and affordable fencing contractor in Baltimore or the larger Maryland area, contact us today and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!