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Beat the Heat with Wood Decking

Beat the Heat with Wood Decking Wood Decking Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean your decking has to heat up, too!  Who likes stepping outside and nearly burning the bottom of their feet?  Fortunately, we can help you avoid this unpleasant situation with a little planning.  Although certain materials can withstand extreme conditions better
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The Best Pool Fencing

Since Memorial Day’s this weekend, many pools around Maryland will be officially opening for the first time this year!  We can’t talk about this fun feature, though, without bringing up an important safety feature:  pool fencing.  To keep your family and guests safe, you should install a durable fence that combines security and visibility.  Fortunately,
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National Barbecue Month!

Get Ready for National Barbecue Month! If you haven’t had your first barbecue of the year, May’s the perfect time.  Not just because it’s National Barbecue Month, either.  It’s warming up, the days are lasting longer, and it’s been too long since you’ve hosted some outdoor entertainment at your place!  Fortunately, we can help you
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National Home Improvement Month Inspiration

Since May is officially National Home Improvement Month, we’re kicking it off with some serious inspiration!  There’s no time like to present to start (and finish) this renovation or that remodeling project.  With professional help from the team at Excel Fencing & Decking, you can have the space you’ve always dreamt of!  Whether that’s an
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