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How Can You Utilize the Space Under Your Deck?

Raised decks are a fantastic way to maximize the utility of your backyard, especially if your home is located on a small property. Deck design is usually the focus when a project is commenced, and understandably so, but don’t neglect the potential for the patio under your deck! What are some of the best ways
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Install Accent Lighting on Your Deck

The colder weather is fast approaching here in Baltimore County and that means your time out on the deck is coming to an end. You’re probably already preparing your deck and yard for the upcoming winter season. Do you want to keep your deck looking good year-round, even during the offseason? You should consider having
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Is It Possible to Build a Deck in the Winter?

Have you been thinking about building a deck for your home in Baltimore County, but wondering if it’s too late now that the winter chill is starting to set in? Many contractors say that the busiest season for them is the summer, which makes sense. During the summer, everyone wants a place in the backyard
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